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Basic Policy on Information Security

The AUN Group is founded upon trust between related parties including our customers and business partners. As we provide global marketing consulting service, in order to offer an even better service while maintaining and furthering the trust we have with all parties concerned, we believe it is vital for everyone of the AUN Group, including the management staff, to understand the value and importance of information assets, implement adequate security measures, as well as maintain the ‘security’, ‘confidentiality’ and ‘usability’ of information that has been acquired. To ensure we can adequately protect our information assets from all kinds of threats, we have stipulated the Basic Policy on Information Security described here, as an aim to further improve secure information handling. In addition, we also making efforts to conduct compliance management to adequately respond to requirements set by various laws and regulations, as well as to our duty of keeping information secure as stipulated in all contracts.

  1. Should any individual violate a requirement set by law or in our company rules, he or she will be disciplined according to employment regulations.
  2. The AUN Group will establish a company-wide standard and conduct risk evaluations, while recognizing the threats to and weaknesses of vital information assets to adequately respond to risks through making efforts to prevent information security accidents, such as unauthorized access to and lost/damage/alteration/leak of information assets.
  3. All AUN Group staff will be made aware of the importance of information assets and information security, and thoroughly understand the proper use of information assets as well as equipment and machines.
  4. In the event an information security problem occurs, the AUN Group will swiftly investigate the cause and implement the best measure possible to minimize the damage, while making efforts to prevent further problems and conduct better security maintenance.
  5. The AUN Group will continuously implement the said activities based on this Basic Policy on Information Security, while establishing a management system that can also respond to new threats.
  6. The current Basic Policy on Information Security shall be frequently revised and efforts shall be made to continuously improve such policies.
Devised on October 1, 2007
Revised on June 1, 2009
Akira Shida
President and CEO
AUN Consulting, Inc.