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Policy on Personal Information Protection

The AUN Group is founded upon trust between related parties including our customers and business partners. As we provide global marketing consulting service, in order to offer an even better service while maintaining and furthering the trust we have with all parties concerned, we believe it is vital for everyone of the AUN Group, including the management staff, to recognize that keeping personal information safe is an utterly important social responsibility. We hereby declare our company-wide dedication to making personal information protection the utmost priority in our company activities, implementing adequate handling of personal information and ongoing improvements.

  1. The AUN Group will adequately obtain, use and provide all business-related and staff personal information, and only use such information as required for specific purposes. In the event that any personal information is to be used beyond the original purpose or altered, we will contact the individuals concerned to obtain prior consent from them.
  2. Should an individual wish to disclose, correct or terminate access to his or her personal information kept by the AUN Group, we will adequately confirm the request with the individual in question and swiftly respond to the request within reason.
  3. In regard to unauthorized access to and loss/damage/ alteration /leak of personal information kept by the AUN Group, we will thoroughly implement ID and password administration, as well as rules on saving/administering/disposing of personal information to ensure rational prevention of improper handling of such information, through using firewall, controlling personnel access, and other preventive measures.
  4. In the event that personal information kept by the AUN Group is to be provided to a third party, we will only do so after having obtained the consent of the person(s) in question.
  5. Should the AUN Group need to outsource a third party for business consignment that require the use of personal information, we will do so by giving sufficient consideration to the selection of the party to be consigned and signing a mutual confidentiality agreement. In addition, the handling of private information by the consigned party will be supervised.
  6. In regard to the handling of personal information, we will abide by applicable laws, government policies and other regulations and standards, while ensuring adequate operations are properly managed and corrected where necessary. The protection of personal information will continuously be revised and improved.
  7. We will swiftly respond to any complaint or consultation regarding personal information.
Revised on September 1, 2010.
Revised on November 11, 2009.
Devised on December 17, 2007.
Akira Shida
President and CEO
AUN Consulting, Inc.